Support the campaign to launch Million Dollar Smile โ€” a vision and brand inspired by the style and memory of Max Antoine.


Million Dollar Smile aims to spread awareness and rally dialog about gun violence across the nation through the messages and images we wear.

When we wear Million Dollar Smile, we represent a large community of young positive change makers worldwide. Million Dollar Smile embodies Max's legacy and will ultimately be endowed to his three children. 


After losing his brother, Max, to gun violence in April of 2017, Wilner Popie Joseph and Kaela Francesca have committed themselves to a quest for justice and call to action for positive community change. There is a urgent need to end gun violence, both on a local and national scale and this deeply personal loss propelled Wil and Kaela to transform their voices as educators and activists to focus on social justice, conflict resolution and peace-building within their immediate youth community and the tri-state area. They have taken to press conferences with government officials, town hall meetings, interviews with media outlets and social media platforms to organize a Remembrance Rally, a March for Justice and multiple workshops that discuss the issues surrounding gun violence. Almost two years later, Max's case remains unsolved with no arrests made or justice served. 

All proceeds from this initiative will fundraise the next step in making the athletic clothing vision a reality. (What's next? A complete clothing line of "Athleisure" styles.)

Change the Conversation, Represent the Fight for Justice! 
#WearTheTruth #BlackJoy #JusticeForMax #MillionDollarSmile